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Waltzer Berry Dental Associates of Cherry Hill is not a corporate-owned dental office. Being privately owned, we tailor treatments to the individual and ensure our patients are comfortable. We work hard to provide a welcoming and caring environment and care deeply for every one of our patients! We offer general dentist services, cosmetic dentistry, and restorative dentistry at our office in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Patients often come from as far as Camden and Burlington County, NJ, and Philadelphia, PA, for their dental services. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment!

General Dentist in Cherry Hill, NJ | Waltzer Berry Dental Associates of Cherry Hill

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Waltzer Berry Dental Associates is currently accepting new patients! Please call our office at 856-429-6412 to schedule an appointment for you and your family.

What Happens At Your First Appointment

It’s all about you! We are dedicated to providing a comfortable first visit with one of our doctors. Good dental health happens more easily when you are completely at ease with our dental staff! That’s why we want to get to know you. Please don’t hesitate to make us aware of your past dental experiences and how we can work with you to keep you at ease.

Our Goal for Your First Visit

The goal for your first visit is to assess your dental health and to help you correlate it with other health issues. We’ll discuss your concerns about your oral health and communicate honestly with you about your dental condition and treatment options. We’ll also need a complete set of dental X-rays since many dental conditions do not exhibit symptoms until they are in an advanced stage and because the signs of disease, such as decay and bone loss, are not apparent to the naked eye. You are welcome to bring a set of X-rays from your previous dental care provider if they are less than three years old.

Dental Exam

Your dental examination performed by one of our doctors includes an examination of your teeth and existing crowns, bridges, and fillings, evaluation of your occlusion (bite), and periodontal (gum) evaluation. An oral cancer screening is also performed during the examination.

Dental Cleaning

Finally, we’ll tell you what type of dental cleaning you need! Not all patients need the same level of dental cleaning, and we will tailor your cleaning to your dental condition depending on the state of your gums and the amount of dental plaque and tartar on the surface of your teeth.

Dental Emergencies

If your first visit is due to a dental emergency, we will determine the best course of action with you and provide emergency treatment. We will then recommend you schedule a more complete evaluation and definitive treatment to prevent future emergencies. We do our best to see all emergencies within a day of your call.

Financial Information

We want to make excellent dental care available to patients regardless of their budget. We make a commitment to our patients to answer all clinical and financial questions before proceeding with treatment. If you ever feel that your questions about your treatment or finances have yet to be answered satisfactorily, please let us know.

Accepted Payments

We accept cash, checks, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and credit cards, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. For those patients who need longer terms, there is the health care credit card, CareCredit®. CareCredit® offers many of our patients a real advantage because it offers interest-free financing options of up to 12 months. And because Waltzer Berry Dental Associates pays the finance fee, these options are truly free to our patients. To learn more or apply for financing, go to CareCredit®.


If you have dental insurance, we provide insurance billing services and will be happy to file your claims. Generally, a dental benefit plan is a contract between the employer or subscriber and the insurance company. That means we will do everything we can to ensure maximum benefits and timely payment, but if your carrier is not cooperative, we may have to ask for your help. We will also contact your carrier on your behalf to obtain an outline of your benefits. It is important to remember that dental insurance, like any other insurance, is intended to help defray the cost of care and may not fully reimburse for all dental service fees. The benefit available is directly determined by the contract paid for by your employer. We’ll be happy to review your plan with you for any treatment that is proposed.


Develop Healthy Dental Habits in 2022!

2022 has arrived and with it the hope for good things to happen in the next 365 days or so! At Waltzer Berry Dental our personal favorites center around improving our healthy habits! Here are ten of our personal favorites: Try to limit sweet treats to mealtimes. ...


At Waltzer Berry Dental Associates, we do our best to determine each patient’s benefits and simplify the insurance process. Here are some ways that our office can partner with patients to help utilize benefits in an efficient manner. Be aware of your benefits. That...

What to expect at your next visit…

Upon arrival, call the office to check in. We will call you to come in when your treatment room is ready and the waiting room is clear of other patients. Please remember to wear your mask when you enter the office! Upon entering,...

To get started, reach out to us at 856-429-6412.

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