At Waltzer Berry Dental Associates, we do our best to determine each patient’s benefits and simplify the insurance process.

Here are some ways that our office can partner with patients to help utilize benefits in an efficient manner.

  1. Be aware of your benefits. That means understanding how often treatment will be paid for. Know your annual maximum allowed benefits.
  2. If you have an insurance card, please bring that with you (along with your ID). It always helps us if you can call ahead to give us your insurance information. That way insurance surprises are avoided.
  3. If you don’t have an insurance card, try to get one from the insurance company or their website.

It makes things work more efficiently if we have your insurance I.D. number and a group number.

  1. Co-payments are a fact of life for most insurance plans. Please expect that you will be paying a portion of the treatment cost.
  2. If you have utilized benefits elsewhere, please let us know. Sometimes claims take a long time to process and we don’t know that you have used benefits elsewhere.

Don’t be deterred from getting your dental treatment just because you are concerned about insurance.

Our team will work with you to help you afford your treatment!